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What's Your Story?

Imagine that the Book of Life Past lays before you.  It is filled with carefully selected moments lifted from the many years of your life.

Imagine that you could change your life and create a new lifestyle infused with caring relationships, healthy habits, creative inspiration and simple joy.

You would be living an inspired life! 

The Vision

What would your life be like if you could solve life's greatest mystery

How to Live and Inspired life .~

Creating the life you yearn for with nurturing relationships, a steady flow of creative inspiration and spiritual connection can be achieved by mastering the assets we all possess:  our bodies, minds, spirits and environment.

What if we all knew how to do that?

Take the Journey

Alchemy Bay Area offers

'The Journey' that will take you on an adventure to ignite your inspiration and infuse your life with abundant success, healthy habits, and adventure.


Join the community of people that create their futures - who live with passion and inspiration and choose to grow in the direction of their greatest potential and purpose.

That could be your life.

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Alchemy Bay Area

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To the life

You Yearn For

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Tap Into Your Inspiration

It all begins with a desire for:

  • Realizing a dream

  • Finding adventure in daily life

  • Creating a new lifestyle - yours!

  • Savoring healthy habits

  • Achieving clarity and mental wellness

  • Enjoying spiritually-based Inspiration

  • Connecting with others like you

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Challenge Roadblocks

Clear the mental and emotional debris that blocks your path - your roadblocks can be removed!  Join a community of like minded people where adventure trumps hesitation.  Where everyone is committed to realizing their dreams, choosing a life of wellness, spiritual and mental well-being and fun:

Sign up online for:

  • 'The Journey' - An entertaining and spiritual journey into the heart of inspiration.  Learn how to create the life that your yearn for.

  • Speaking engagements

  • Group instruction 

  • Individual coaching


Get Fit for the Journey

Creating the life you yearn for requires that you are fit for the Journey - physical, mental and spiritual resilience are a must!

Travel the path of wellness by participating in challenging healthy lifestyle activities.

Sign up online for:

  • Yoga​ classes 

  • Wellness seminars and retreats

  • Athletic performance coaching

Explore ..... enjoy .... learn!

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Tel: 805-478-0269

Danville CA 94506

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