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The Mystery of Inspiration

We all have a powerful source of inspiration thriving deep within us, however, sometimes the daily bump and grind of our lives relegates us to waiting for that ‘future time’ when we can live fully inspired lives. I’ve always wondered:

‘Why wait, are you doing something better right now’?

There is nothing in life as powerful as our inspiration, our desire to answer burning questions, and we all yearn to live lives that engage those heartfelt desires to create enduring meaning!

Tough questions about things we deeply care about motivate us to seek truthful answers. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are in search of an inherent organic honesty to our biggest mysteries and we yearn to act in accordance with our finest truths. No two questions are the same, nor are the answers, because each individual and each situation is entirely unique and always changing.

What does it take to live into our inspiration today rather than waiting until tomorrow?

Connecting to your personal mystery is the start point that will ignite inspiration’s flame. When I was a young child my father died inexplicably at the age of 37 leaving behind the mystery of his premature death and several big questions about life. Those questions propelled each member of my family to search out answers to our inherited burning questions; we each set out on our own personal quests. My personal quest became ‘wellness’, and eventually morphed into ‘inspiration’, something even larger than wellness itself.

It is important to understand what mystery truly drives you forward, what grand mystery you would like to solve in order to leave behind your legacy of learning. What quests do you need to pursue to more fully understand your path?

It’s true that we all need money to support ourselves and our families, and perhaps as we move into middle adulthood we have urgent aspirations. However, reality is quick to put out a newly burning ember before its time. As the gatekeeper of your flame it is upon you to protect and nurture it until it is robust enough to fully ignite.

Find your grand mystery, it’s likely you’ve had one since your youth. Spend some dedicated time recalling your life’s story, your personal history, to unearth your own burning questions. Prepare to play your ‘long game’; that is, understand how questions and answers to your deepest mystery gradually unfold in all that you have done in the past and all that you will do across your life time.

Connect the dots of experience and understand your trajectory.

Grand mysteries live beneath the fabric of our daily lives, they provide forward movement, a supportive undercurrent that guides our experience and draws us in the direction of our journey.

Years ago as a psychotherapist, then corporate ‘Quality’ manager and finally into today as an author and instructor, I held the big question of wellness and inspiration in my heart. I read, I studied and practiced those things that I loved over the course of my lifetime and tried to bring each element forward into my daily life and the lives of others. Sometimes I was successful, at other times I did a face-plant into my efforts, but I always learned about my journey and picked up many answers to my grand mysteries.

As you live out the adventure of your life, seek to fully understand your biggest mysteries. Clear away your ‘mental rubble’ and go unapologetically in search of answers to important questions – live a life of inspired action. The river of life always carries you forward in one direction or another, but your continuity - your direction and purpose - live attentively focused on your journey.

Therefore - live fully into what you desire and do what's next.

Stop … look … and listen to the sights and sounds of your own life; uncover your life’s mysteries, seek out your organic truths and live passionately in alignment with what you have learned. Whatever you are doing today, right now, IS your quest and WILL solve your mysteries. Stay focused on your mystery and its questions, turn your attention in the direction of the current and know that you are, without exception, moving flawlessly into your inspired self.

In appreciation of all that is,

~JKS Zetlan

© 2017

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