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The Value of Spacing Out

I love to sit in my 'cup of joe' spot and just think. In the privacy of my very big, grey wing-back chair I don't pay any attention to all the confetti blowing through the landscape of my mind. Instead, I let random thoughts meander in and out, and part of me just pleasantly spaces out.

This is the outpost of my inspiration - in these moments inspiration lives real time between my ears - just waiting to be listened to amidst all the thinking that goes on there.

Inspiration is magical. It is what happens in the space of unattended thought - or relative mental silence - without the resistance of 'shoulds', 'could haves'and conditioned responses asserting their pushy will. When a random thought sparks connection with one of our unmet needs inspiration is born - every time!

The path of inspiration begins as a thought journey where meandering ideas meet up with need; where we allow feelings and thought - old and new - to mingle together and create yet a new combination of information to solve a problem. This is fertile ground in which to grab that inspired spark and nurture it into reality.

There is always a 'what's next?' element to inspiration, where inspiration is put into action - but this is a good time for a break. Jot down your idea, put it in an email or voice mail to yourself, and go back to it a little later. Don't let it go! For once you do it becomes nothing more than an ill-forgotten thought; an unfulfilled desire.

Living an inspired life requires both idea and action. Imagine a new journey today. Go find the 'perfect place' for your favorite drink, let go of your mental confetti and space out. Here the world of idea will be yours.

When you are done, leave yourself a voice mail for tomorrow's action.

Bon Voyage!

~ Jenifer

For more information on how to live into your inspiration read The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For (Mango Publications 2017). I look forward to hearing from you!

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