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Dance With a Caterpillar

I danced with a caterpillar today.

Ours was an accidental meeting.

I was strolling the poolside concrete

Of conglomerate rock

That was secretly embedded

within a sacred forest retreat.

Me …

Not sacred.

On the run

From God’s intimacy.

The caterpillar …

Being profoundly itself

As it etched its path

Across the miniature mountainous terrain.

In the stillness of the moment

Caterpillar and I met,

An unexpected introduction

Of worm and wo(man).

Me …


The caterpillar …

Profoundly itself

Without question.

As each moment

unfolded into seconds;

Each second into the next,

We paused

In motionless introduction.

Telescopic was our meeting

As we zoomed

into each other’s


Me …

In awed respect

of the caterpillar’s

Tenacity and grace.

The caterpillar …

Unapologetically itself –

As ever and always.

In silent consent

We began to dance.

A commitment

to moving together,

an honoring

of personal adjustment.

It was a lovely dance,

An intimate interlude

Of unexpected partners

Waltzing in quiet harmony.

Me …

In love

with the moment.

The caterpillar …

Its unapologetic self

in communion with the ALL.

Our waltz was sublime.

Its memory etched upon me

A reminder of hidden possibility.

On the run

from sacred intimacy

I danced with the Caterpillar

in secluded retreat

and touched the heart of God.

~ Jenifer Zetlan © 2017

Jenifer Zetlan is an author, behaviorist and motivational speaker who is committed to helping people live inspired lives. With degrees in psychology and behavioral sciences from UCLA, she has led numerous seminars and classes in psychology, leadership and organization in University settings and throughout many Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations. Jenifer, author of The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For, has been reading, studying and speaking in the areas of psychology, philosophy and spirituality for over 30 years. She is an ardent yoga practitioner and instructor in the Bay Area.

Connect with her on Facebook and visit her website.

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