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The idea to write this book came to me during an evening when several of my friends and I - some admittedly only acquaintances - were sitting in my back yard drinking Prosecco and watching the late afternoon sun go down. As my friends were talking I began to notice a chilling social process in play: one person would complain about something in their lives - like a crabby spouse - and the others, swirling their wine glasses like a Napa connoisseurs, offered up their analyses of the spouse, prescribed dubious solutions, or offered up interpretations of the mental processes that our poor friend might be going through.

I was thinking, "It sure is pretty out here!", as my beloved friends jumped on each other's problems like flies on fresh meat.

What was this pessimistic, yet familiar, social dance? I saw many brilliant and loving friends lavish in each other's misfortunes. I didn't find it fulfilling!

Who are those optimists - the creatives - that trundle after their dreams with wide-eyed curiosity and almost bullet-proof enthusiasm. You know those people, they often show up at a party excited and happy with a quiet sense inner peace about them. It can be uncomfortable to be around if you don't quite understand their secret.

As an optimist - a self-described creative - I set out to understand what sets optimists and pessimists apart. What happens inside the mind of an optimist that doesn't happen in the pessimist's?

I found a very clear path forward that optimists - creatives - follow that is available to all of us. All it takes is a road map of the creative mind's territory and a few simple tools to help clear the debris blocking your path.

I wrote the THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF INSPIRATION: CREATING THE LIFE YOU YEARN FOR so all of us can take our dreams of the good life seriously and continue our life's journey with a clear vision, an optimistic heart and a clear path forward.

I hope you pick up the book and map out your own path to the life your yearn for. It is out there and it is real!

You can pick up the book at any of the below bookstores.

In the meantime, catch an inspiration and let it grow. You'll be glad you did!


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