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The Trailhead of Your Journey is Right Here

Your journey to Inspiration starts right now -right here where you are sitting - this moment:


Excerpt from

The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For

Imagine that your own Book of Life Past lay before you, inexplicably appearing in carefully fashioned leather binding, your name painstakingly engraved with gold-leaf letters on its rubbed brown leather cover, a sweet image of a dancer delicately embossed beneath your name. Inscribed on each worn parchment page is a tender accounting of your years gone by. It may look like a sacred text, tantalizing to the touch and filled with carefully selected moments lifted from the many years of your life. Within the chronicled pages are your own cherished moments, whether they detail a secret recounting of your joys, your deepest wishes or your most troubled times. All those precious “Notes to Self,” each one carefully selected to remind you of the ups and downs of your life, your hard-earned lessons, your personally crafted life’s philosophy and perhaps even some suggestions for your future self.


Written within your mysterious chronicles are the moments that brought you forward into your life as it is today. Through the lens of time and perspective you can reflect on your Great Mysteries as they have unfolded before you from an early age.

Your life is the Greatest Mystery of All - the destination is all that you yearn for.

... Your journey, the greatest adventure of your life, starts right now - in this very spot! Like all good mysteries, you can unravel the concatenations of your desires and better understand what you yearn to achieve. Between the realities of your life today and your inspired destination you will discover the peaks and valleys through which you will travel. Step into your journey with unapologetic commitment and decided fortitude.

There are many tools to help you navigate your journey. I invite you to pick up a copy of The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For and begin to unravel past mysteries, learn how your life has been shaped and craft a path into your future that can be traveled easily, with simplicity and with an adventurous heart.

As always, I appreciate your comments and perspectives.

~ Jenifer Zetlan

For more information on how to live into your inspiration read The Incredible Power of Inspiration: Creating the Life You Yearn For. I look forward to hearing from you!

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